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Beirut Downtown

Downtown, also called Beirut Central District (BCD) or Centre Ville, is known to be Beirut’s most prestigious and high-end shopping district. Home to a majority of the city’s high-end local multi-brand boutiques as well as international luxury brands. The area is a wonderful place to walk around on foot as you’ll find car-free streets, and stopping for a quick lunch is definitely a must as there are plenty of restaurants around. A key landmark in Downtown is Beirut Souks, the souks have historically been at the commercial heart of Beirut. They sustained severe damage during the Lebanese Civil War and were rebuilt by Solidere according to the ancient Greek street grid, maintaining the historic landmarks and pre-war street names, as well as a beautifully modern cinema complex and of course cafes and restaurants. Another landmark, smaller and more geared towards restaurants than shopping is Zaitounay Bay.