Portemilio Hotel & Resort History
Portemilio Resort was founded in 1980 by the entrepreneur and developer Emile Boustany with the vision to bring a touch of Mediterranean spirit to the shores of Lebanon. The architecture of the resort was the result of an international contest, won by the Swiss based firm ACAU. Together with Emile Boustany, they brought elegance and modernity to the resort by using high-end materials and focusing on environmental awareness. The used water is not wasted at the contrary an eco-green plan was elaborated, the water is recycled to water plants and gardens before reaching the sea shores in a clean status.
Following the success of the resort, Emile Boustany decided to expand the resort and inaugurated his flagship 5-star hotel in 1996. Portemilio Hotel & Resort is now a unique place in Lebanon, with 60,000 m2 of outdoor space and access to the sea.
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